Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Chile Man Cometh…

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest I found I could no longer get the green chile I grew up with in Wyoming. I miss the smell of chiles roasting behind trucks filled with sacks of New Mexico's finest from the Hatch Valley and southern New Mexico. Driven by an inability to find a burrito smothered with green, I established Mike's Chiles to provide a source for all Seattle area transplants from the I-25 corridor and the local true believers (yes it could be a cult) that know that real green chile (sauce) has nothing to do with tomatillos. Anyone who has ever eaten true New Mexico green or red chile knows that it is mandatory on burritos and enchiladas and highly recommended on hamburgers, fries, eggs, and just about everything else.

To those that long for the overpowering aroma of roasting chiles on a fall day I offer a source for your capsaicin fix and a means to broaden the pallets of the yet “un-addicted”.

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