Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Chile Man is really Cometh-ing Now

Frozen roasted green chiles are available on the web with freight rates that will make your nose bleed.  So next week I am bringing in to a cold storage facility in Kent initially about 3,000 lbs of roasted whole and chopped chiles (medium or hot) that can be ordered and paid for on my website, for a much more reasonable price.   I will then deliver them or hopefully arrange a time and place where many orders can be picked up at once and we can celebrate the arrival of some good green to Seattle.  Absent that I will deliver them individually to unofficial NM chile cult members or they can be picked up at my house.  Pass the word.  Spread the joy.  If you can’t handle the delivery fee get a few friends and order together and I waive the delivery fee (I can do that because I am the Chile Man and the Chile Man can do damn near anything he wants to do with his chiles).  Well, nothing dirty or anything. 

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