Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fat. Happy, and Satisfied

Well I couldn’t be happier with the chiles starting with the packaging.  The chiles in the one pound packages are “displayed” side by side with the stems on the same side and frozen flat for easy stacking in the freezer.  You can tell that someone had some pride in what they were trying to present.  Yeah, yeah, I know you don’t eat the package but I thought it was nice that they didn’t just grab a handful and cram them in the sack! 

As advertised the chiles were good size, perfectly roasted, meaty, and fragrant.  Out of the 5 or 6 pounds I have consumed in the last 24 hours I found one or two chiles that were slightly over roasted with browning of the flesh.  I ate them.  They were good.  So far I have eaten them straight up (whole, chopped, medium, and hot), in a ham and feta cheese omelet, medium chopped on a hot dog (actually two), two pots of chile sauce with pork (one hot one medium), and in a fried egg sandwich.   The flavors are a little more intense for both varieties when they are chopped in the soup. 

The medium Joe E Parkers are initially sweet followed by a little tingle on your tongue and lips.  The hotter Big Jims still allow the great chile flavor to come through without just cauterizing your mouth.  Both are fragrant and delicious.  With both, the sensation of “heat” subsides fairly quickly leaving one fat, happy, and content (and not reliving the meal for the next four hours- if you get my drift).  The perception of heat is very subjective and some will find the medium to be as hot as they want and some will think the hot is mild.  These aren’t intended to compete with a Hell Fire Double Habanero Latte.   

Tomorrow the rest of the pork shoulder will be slow cooked and shredded for burritos.

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